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Entry Islands
Posted on Apr 11th, 2016

The Entry Islands were recently turned over to the District by the Eagle Shadow South Owners Association.  The Board of Directors for the Association has attempted for years to come up with an acceptable plan to enhance these islands, however, due to cost constraints, the lack of water and power services to the islands, and being unable to find a plan that everyone could agree on, no significant changes have been made to the islands since the community began.
The Todd Creek Village Park & Recreation District has been developing plans to enhance the communities that are a part of the District for some time.  The Board of Directors for the District, being comprised mainly of homeowners who live in the District, also has been looking at many options in an attempt to find what would be of the most benefit to all of its members.  Although other improvements will also soon be coming to the communities (like walking paths and other landscaping of unimproved lands owned by the District),  beautifying the entry islands will be what most residents will see first.
The Board of Directors for the Park & Rec District meet monthly (generally the 3rd Thursday of the month) at the Water District offices on Havana St.  (The Todd Creek Village Metropolitan District offices are next to the Fire Station on the corner of Hwy 7 & Havana St)  These meetings are open to residents who live in the District and you are encouraged to attend. 
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